A Thank You note

As someone who lives for books, it’s been difficult to find meaningful bookish connections here in the real world so finding the booktok community and other readers whose lives revolve around reading and writing, that have weird emotional trauma that we turn into a joke, and simp over morally gray characters despite having the absolute best spouses, has been a game changer for me. Despite never meeting these wonderful people in person I feel a special connection to each of them. There are so many of them but a few have been so much more than just an online mutual for me that I felt the need to pay my respects to them in the form of this blog. So ladies, here’s to you and the most fabulous support group I have ever had. 

Monroe A. Wildrose, you fabulous creature who reignited my love for YA books. Who when I told you I was creating a store had nothing but motivation for me. You, who when I begged you to let me BETA read didn’t hesitate to send it over, then gave me a little extra, turning my world on it’s head. And when I asked you to take a look at my store before opening gave me feedback and my very first sale. Then wrote and dedicated a book for me so I could have that best friend’s happily ever after I was craving. I love you and can’t wait to share an Italian Christmas with you! 

Emma Steinbrecher, my Ohio 10 sad girl sister! The doubt you feel about your books is unfounded and I enjoy telling you everyday! Thank you for writing a story that not only caught my emotional mood but gave me the confidence to move forward and get better everyday. Your books hold a special place on my wall of signed copies and I can’t wait to add The Death Hunting to that shelf. You were the first person to ask me to BETA a book and now I’m sitting here impatiently waiting for it to release so I can hold your brainchild in my hands. Your friendship is everything to me!

Amberly Henning. I can’t even begin to explain what your friendship has done for my self confidence. I know you think that I’m the biggest and best cheerleader around but honestly, the confidence you exude is part of the reason I feel comfortable showing my face on TikTok. Thank you for allowing me to be with you every step of the way to publishing your debut novel, answering my writing questions, being the first person to lay eyes on my store’s website other than myself and my sisters, and not telling me I’m a damn creeper for offering my number to some rando on the internet. 

Ali Dane. I’m forever your burrito! Had I not won your giveaway for your debut release I probably would never have picked up an audiobook. I would never have experienced the joy of hearing my favorite characters come to life, to feel the emotions of the characters as they’re meant to be read. I would never know what a voice like a chicken pot pie on a cold winter night would sound like. I am excited to listen to every audiobook you release and share with you the joys of having kids, running a farm, and slightly over committing. 

And finally, A.G. Porter. When I read The Sacrifice of Ava Black, then listened to the audiobook, then read the book again, I would never imagine it would lead to the amazing relationship and opportunities that have arised. Your stories and poetry are so heartfelt and raw that every time I read the words you write, I find myself looking further into myself, the relationships I have and the world around me, bringing light to many things that I would otherwise never had noticed. Thank you for brightening my days and for blessing me with the ability to join your team at Nightshade Publishing, LLC. I am extremely grateful for everything you have offered me.

There are so many others who have graced me with their friendship and I could never fit them all into one blog. But I want every one of you to know that your positivity, motivation and feedback over the last few months has kept me going, moving forward, and helped me to reach goals that I never would have without you. 


a clan of wolves fortune of emerald and salt contained in darkness the sacrifice of ava black

From the bottom of my heart,

Reanna Guthrie

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