Giving back one kitten at a time

Hi! My name is Reanna. I’m one of the many animal advocates here in Kerr County, Texas, and one of the few neonatal kitten fosters. What is a neonatal kitten foster? Well, I get contacted by rescues, shelters, vets, and sometimes individuals who find kittens that need 24 hr care, and I bottle feed them every 2 hours, express their bowels, medicate, and way too often hold them as they pass away. Sometimes we try everything we can and still lose some.

Being in the rescue business isn't for the faint of heart. We see the absolute worst situations that animals experience. From day-old kittens taken from their mom by a concerned citizen to animals hit by cars and left to die painfully, and so much more.

This kitten season is one of the worst I've experienced since I started fostering eight years ago. We have lost many fosters here in the community over the last years, and there's no one replacing them.

I am up to 37 kittens this season. Thirty of which  I was able to raise to adoption age and get transferred to other adoption agencies. Five died from complications, and two are set to be vetted in the next two weeks.

I will keep these kittens for a minimum of 2 months, go through about three cans of KMR, 2 30 pound cat litter buckets, 24 cans of wet kitten food, and a 20 lb bag of dry kitten food per kitten. The Kittens I foster are vetted through AWS Freeman-Fritts and transported to one of the rescues in surrounding cities. Total care for each animal, including basic vetting, comes out to about $200 dollars.

I'm a stay-at-home mom who does this because I have the time, but funds aren't always available. None of this would be possible without the help From AWS Freeman-Fritts Animal Shelter & Clinic, Kerrville Pets Alive, and the many advocates that step up with donations of food, litter, toys, and funds for the vetting.

A big part of my reason to start this Bookish Merc business was to be able to have extra money to support my love of helping the animals. In addition to fostering kittens this year, I’ve also fostered a puppy, two goats, and 11 chickens. Purchasing from my store will help me continue fostering needy animals in my community. You can also support your local animal advocates by donating to shelters and rescues in your area.

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