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Y’all!!! These last few months have been an amazing whirlwind of adventure. In my initial blog, I had mentioned how I’ve been having some depresso espressos and I found a new purpose by joining tiktok’s booktok community. I began ARC reading in July and soon after I was offered to BETA read for several authors. I initially over-committed to all the offers and found myself swamped in read after read of great books but was stressed to complete them in a timely manner. I took some time to myself over the holidays and decided that I needed to make time for my passion reads. 

After finding a groove with ARC reading, BETA reading, and my never-ending TBR pile I was finally feeling a little more confident in my reading and reviews. My Tiktok following was growing and I was finding meaningful bookish connections I would never have thought I could have. I found books that reminded me why I love to read (Seas of Marecult duology by Monroe A. Wildrose,) books that resonated with my sad girl soul (A Clan of wolves duology by Emma Steinbrecher,) books that feed my mythos obsession ( A.C. Dawn’s Myth Reimagined series and Stephanie Rose’s Angry Greek Gods series,) and book boyfriends to die for (literally everything I read from Piper James and Cait Marie.)

When my sister suggested that I write a blog about the books I read to help boost the indie authors I loved so much, I laughed in her stupid face then turned around and wrote my first blog anyway. Then when she suggested we work together to build a bookish website and feature my blog,

I told her she could shove all the way off

but somehow we had a working website in the matter of a week. My Instagram started growing, the face I despise the most, being shown to thousands of people but somehow they liked me. She pushed me to move forward with the bookish store idea and we began designing. I designed things that I would want to wear, sayings that I live by, and just silly things. I fell in love with so many of the designs that even if we never  went live I would have a new wardrobe that I love and made myself.

On December 4th, I pulled the trigger and soft-launched my store, sending the link to trusted friends for feedback. when they came back with positive feedback on the designs and constructive criticism for the webpage set up, my emotions were all over the place but everyone’s motivation kept me going. I began working on more products and I am so excited to launch new product lines in the near future, many of them based on the books that I have read and know will become fan favorites. I have recently had the opportunity to team up with other book review sites as a guest blogger and my review blogs have been linked to several authors’ author websites.

In the midst of all of this going on, I was offered the dream job I didn’t know I wanted or existed as a literary agent for Nightshade publishing, LLC. Had I known I could be paid to read books and be judgmental I would have been doing this for the last 17 years. The Owner reached out to me personally and despite my lack of knowledge, felt confident that I would be the perfect candidate for the position. 

nightshade publishing llc

With manuscript submissions now open to the public I am feeling the pressure of being the best literary agent I can possibly be while juggling the business, parenting, animal fostering, blogging, and still finding time for me and my family. I’m not sure how I will manage but if the last few months are any indicator, I can do anything I set my mind to with a little help and motivation from my friends and family. Follow my progress on tiktok @anitagoat and keep up with all the new things I plan to do. 

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