A Clan of Wolves By Emma Steinbrecher

A clan of wolves
Since joining TikTok I have discovered so many new and amazing authors. Emma Steinbrecher is one of these. Her debut novel “A Clan of Wolves' ' came highly recommended from booktokers and

I decided to break my book buying ban to get it.

Adding it to my ever-growing TBR, the more I saw book recommendations of it the further up on the list I pushed it. With the release of the sequel "A House of Witches" scheduled for Nov 12, 2021 decided to pull the trigger and move it to the front of the list. 

A multiple POV romantic fantasy, A Clan of Wolves opens with a young woman, Ingrid, living alone in a ramshackle hut in the woods. Struggling to survive and suffering from hallucinatory flashbacks of the execution of her parents at the hands of the Witches, Ingrid finds herself a prisoner of a clan of shifters. Ingrid learns things about the shifters and finds that they have a common enemy. The same Witches that killed her parents are harassing the shifter clans and stealing their land. 

Ingrid is a bold, fierce, and determined character, allowing the reader to easily step into her shoes. While Cason is kind, generous, and protective making it very easy to fall in love with him. There are several additional POV characters that make an appearance and it is written well enough that even someone like me, who isn’t fond of multi-pov books, was able to stay connected in the story without getting confused on who is talking. 

A book of clans authorEmma Steinbrecher wearing Perhaps I will READ Until I Feel Better.

Overall, this book had me engrossed the entire time, yelling at my e-reader, “just tell him already, he’ll understand.” Fans of romantic fantasy will fall in love with this new author and all the works she has planned. A Clan of Wolves is available on Amazon and Audible and is free to read on Kindle unlimited. 

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