A House of Witches By Emma Steinbrecher

A House of witches by emma steinbrecher book review

When I read a sequel I always go into it with expectations. Because, for one, if I liked the first book enough to continue the series it must have been good enough for me to continue. And secondly, I am expecting the author to have grown between the two stories. So I go into it with hopes that the book, the writing, the characters have all evolved. A House of Witches by Emma Steinbrecher exceeded these expectations and really caused my brain to think back on the first book and reevaluate my thoughts on it. 

This multi-POV fantasy is a book of hope and growth and emotional healing.

***Possible spoilers for “A Clan of Wolves*** stop reading here if you haven’t read it yet. 

When last we saw our protagonists

everyone was suffering some form of emotional trauma.

Ingrid was exiled for not telling Cason who she really was, and was blaming herself for the loss of Alana, thinking that her inaction was what caused Alana’s death. Cason, thinking he was doing what was right for his clan, sent her away but is suffering from the effects of not having her there. All while trying to plan for what he thinks is a futile war. Lucas having first lost Atlas, then being rejected by Atlas’ daughter, is all kinds of messed up after thinking he finds love, just to have her killed. 

A House of Witches picks up a month after the events from the last book and the story takes you through the healing of those old wounds. The character growth throughout is exponential. You watch as the main characters come into their full potential, pushing back the self-doubt and letting go of things that are holding them back. 

“I don’t like when the woman gives up her powers in the end. It goes against everything I believe in” -Artemis 

When I read this quote I was so happy. I absolutely HATE when the FMC has to give up her powers in order to be with the guy she loves, or to save the world. Steinbrecher gives us the HEA we are all searching for with a FMC that is just as badass as she was during the climax. Though, I do wish that we had a little more closure with some of the other side characters.

I highly recommend you read both books back to back to fully get the effect of the story. While both are great in their own right leaving book one on a cliffhanger, without a HEA really drove home the melancholy for me and was a good sad girl book. It’s 2022 now and I’m here for the Trauma healing and growth that is present in A House of Witches but to fully appreciate it I needed to have book one fresh in my mind. 

You can see the growth in Steinbrecher as an author in the style of writing and overall story. This five star book is a fantastic new adult read that will get you in all your feels. A House of Witches is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited now, don’t miss out on this exciting duology. 

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