Broken Lullaby - By Friday Burgess

Book Review for Broken Lullaby by Friday Burgous and Cynthia

You’ll hear me repeat time and time that I am not a contemporary romance fan, but for some reason, I keep coming back to it. I had “Broken Lullaby” by Friday Burgess and Cynthia on my TBR list since September,

but between ARC reads and adulting, I just kept pushing it back.

Thanks to my planning to do November Indie Takeover Your TBR, I finally checked this one off the ever-growing list.

“Broken Lullaby” is a New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance about Lily, a young woman still reeling from a tragic accident that not only took away her family but stole her ability to do what she loved the most, playing the violin. Spiraling into hidden alcoholism, Lily’s world collides with tattooed bad boy Damon while at a club, and she can’t stop thinking about his piercing green eyes. Lily knows he is off-limits when he shows up at her apartment for a date with her best friend. 


But being off-limits doesn’t stop him from filling her every thought or the scorching hot looks he throws her way.

The drama that unfolds takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The romantic tension is written beautifully, and when they finally come together *chefs kiss.* Both broken individuals, go through the process of healing together, finding peace in normalcy, until a wrench gets thrown into the mix. 

Check your trigger warnings before you read. Topics of sexual assault, alcoholism, and cheating are present in this book. Broken Lullaby is an emotional whirlwind of a story that will leave you heartbroken for the characters and make you immediately add the next book to your TBR. This is not a happily ever after kind of story, so if you’re one of those people who need a HEA, this may not be the best book for you unless you’re willing to stick it out and wait for future releases. The only thing that I had a hard time reading was the cheating scenes. It wasn’t the cheating itself that made my stomach turn. It was the fact that it was with her best friend’s boyfriend. 

A five-star book that dark romance readers will love, Broken Lullaby is available free to read on Kindle Unlimited. 

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