Huge Players By Stephanie Brother

Have you ever read an excerpt from a book and you’re torn on whether or not this is something you want to read, so you read more and you keep thinking you’ll DNF it, then all of the sudden as you’ve lounged in your “Just One More Chapter” bookish t-shirt, you’ve read for six hours and finished the book? No, just me? Well, Huge Players by Stephanie Brother did this to me. If anyone had asked me while I was reading whether I liked it or not I would probably have responded with, “The writing is good but I don’t know if I like the story.”

“Huge Players” is an obscure almost taboo stepbrother romance, so make sure you check your triggers before reading.

Despite the almost taboo, the book is very well written and has great character development and an exciting plot. Maisie is a young woman whose only college acceptance was across the country in the hometown of her absent father, evil stepmother, and 5 stepbrothers she hasn’t seen in seven years. She arrives at the airport and is greeted by 5 huge, handsome men and she finds herself thinking things no sister should. Her brothers are the same rude boisterous boys she remembers but she catches them throwing unbrotherly glances at her. When she tells her best friend about the practical jokes they play on her, they come up with a plan to use her femininity to distract them. Maisie’s plan backfires when she finds herself wanting the attention and when one of her brothers pitches the idea of polyamory to her things spice up. 

Her untraditional relationship is tested when a video of her in an intimate embrace with one of her brothers is shared around the college campus and when her parents get home things hit the fan. 

The fact that the book was a stepbrother relationship had me feeling a little weirded out, however, the story is intriguing and ropes you in. The taboo of stepbrother relationships is a very popular genre and I can see the appeal but it’s not exactly my cup of tea. 

Huge Players By Stephanie Brother Review

Overall, Huge Players is a four-star book that if it weren’t for my reservations on the genre could have been a full five stars. If you’re interested in stepbrother erotica, reverse harems, and polyamory this book will likely be a big hit for you. 

Huge Players by Stephanie Brother is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

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