Lady of the Primordial Tree - Daniela A. Mera


 Book Review of Lady of the Primordial Tree by Daniel A Mera

I love finding a debut release from a brand new indie author, I feel like the story was written just for me. I won’t find thousands of people talking about it, I can’t read all the negative reviews people write just because they can, and when I finish,

I can be the biggest fangirl for the series/author/main character.

It was no different when I found “Lady of the Primordial Tree” by Daniela A Mera. I was fortunate enough to be gifted an Advanced Readers Copy of the e-book from the author herself after finding her on TikTok and commenting on several of her sneak peek videos.

Lady of the Primordial Tree written by Daniela A. Mera is a High Fantasy novel that takes place in the Matriarchal society of Perem. Mera does a fantastic job with world-building, painting images with her words that allow you to visualize what she wants you to see. Descriptions of characters, places, and emotions pull you in and make you feel like you are a part of the story. 

The story follows Sofia, the only known creation and decay wielder, through the events following seeing her father kill her mother and being kicked out of the only home she’s ever known. Out in the real world, she needs to hide her powers.  A family of healers takes in Sofia so she can continue learning the practice, and in a life or death situation, she uses her power to save a woman in labor. Realizing what has happened, the family’s matriarch kicks her out as well, knowing the danger her powers present. Abandoned yet again, Sofia finds the darkness within her growing and sets out on a mission to avenge her mother’s death. In the process, she finds friends that become family and the possibility of love if only she is willing to open her heart. 

Sofia starts the story as a troubled young woman with walls built high and darkness within her that everyone can relate to. Her character arc is one of self-love and growth. The main love interest, Khaled, is kind and caring, though he obviously has a set of secrets himself. When Sofia’s secret comes out, Khaled reacts as though lying is the worst possible thing a person could do, despite working for the very people that would hurt and imprison her for those powers. 

A thought-provoking, emotional story of love, trust, and learning to accept oneself.

Lady of the Primordial tree is a fantastic debut novel that will have you gripping the edge of your seat. Daniela A. Mera’s debut novel is wrought with relatable characters and emotions, and it’s hard to find anything unlikeable in this story. If I were forced to choose something, the “dead character speaks to the main character” aspect seems unnecessary and could have been done as a “what would they do in this situation” thought process. However, it was well written and used as a character-building touchpoint in a later section, so even that is difficult not to like. 

Overall, I give this book five stars. The amazing world-building, relatable characters, and mythological beasts will have high fantasy lovers everywhere begging for more. The growth of the FMC throughout the story will resonate with young women who struggle to accept all parts of themself and hopefully instill a sense of strength and acceptance in the reader. 

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