Fortune of Emerald and Salt by Monroe A. Wildrose

Pirates will always hold a special place in the hearts of fantasy lovers.

There’s something about the way they can be so wild and free with nothing holding them back. So finding a book about pirates is always an exciting event for me, especially when I can read it before the masses. After reading  my love of pirate adventures has been renewed. 

A dual POV YA fantasy romance story told from the perspectives of A pirate captain and a stolen princess. We are whisked on an adventure to return her to her fiancé, the king of Urorah. Like all good pirate stories, the rescued princess has deeply ingrained opinions of pirates. She soon learns that they are not the scallywags she was raised to believe and slowly finds herself falling in love with the freedom and lifestyle that they represent. Likewise, the pirates realize that not all royalty are uppity snobs. 

This book has two love stories unraveling in different POVs. Captain Georgette’s lifelong love of her best friend, Absalom, and Princess Mercy’s slow love of Georgette’s twin, Captain Elias. Both are heartwarming and heart-wrenching. One is the story of falling for someone you can never be with because of your station in life. The other is the love you know would be perfect, but you don’t want to risk changing anything for fear of losing them altogether. 

A refreshing change from the usual sibling rivalry

you find in books, the relationship between Georgette and Elias is a testament to the love the author has for her brother, who passed away in a car accident several years ago. The bond between the two will have you missing your siblings and feeling sorry for all the times you picked on them. Or missing all the times you picked on them. ;)

As a YA fantasy romance, I was not expecting to read anything that got me feeling philosophical but I was constantly finding myself stopping reading to ponder the way that I have looked at things. From not judging a book by its cover to self-reflection I found myself particularly drawn to one quote:

     “I cannot lay awake at night worried about the things I did not do. I can only be content with what I had the means and opportunity to change.” -Captain Georgette Baine (chapter 9 page 107)

Its message resonated deeply within me and I went from liking the book to respecting the book and all the themes that it presented.  

The singular downside to this insanely addictive fantasy is that I am a firm believer that multiple POV books should be written as their own story. Multiple books would allow the expansion of each character arc and add depth to the love aspects of the story, so it’s not just “hey you're not a bad guy… I love you.” Having additional books increases the opportunity for world-building and continuing the series. Personal preference aside, every author has their own style and brings life to the page in their unique ways, and Monroe perfectly weaves complicated characters into a thought-provoking and beautiful storyline. 

Author Monroe A. Wildrose with her In Search Of My Next Book Boyfriend Mug 


The debut novel by Monroe A. Wildrose is sure to be a fan favorite for anyone who enjoys a good clean pirate romance. The character arc of the two female protagonists has me wishing that my daughter will grow up to be as courageous, kind, and fierce as they are.  

Overall, I give this book 5 stars- the plot hits all beat points leaving you anticipating reading the sequel. The protagonists are relatable and lovable and you can’t help falling in love with their love interests, while the antagonists are dripping with malintent and you hate them from the get. It will leave you with that bittersweet feeling of being happy with the story but sad that it’s done. 

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