The Lost Legend's - Cait Marie

There’s something about a retelling of a classic fairy tale that just draws me in.

It’s like the nostalgia of my childhood favorites causes an immediate connection to the story. “The Lost Legend’s” by Cait Marie is one of those books. Similarly, bookish merch has the ability to make me feel warm and cozy for no real reason.

This dual POV, Loosely based on the classic “Robinhood,” follows Princess Adalita, who discovers a plot that could be the ruin of her kingdom. Leaving her brother, Crown Prince Shane, and their best friend behind to find another way to stop what is coming, if she fails. Ada embarks on a journey to find the legendary Nihryst, a group of immortal warriors that were said to be undefeatable. The only caveat, the story is a legend, and there is no proof they ever existed, other than a book and set of cards passed down through her family for generations. Using the cards as collateral, she enlists the help of sailors she finds at the docks.

Ada is quick to become friends with the crew. Briana, the friendly, witty second. Ren is the big quiet type that turns out to be a huge teddy bear. Lee, the broody Captian Hook type who seems cold to start, but has more to his character,  layers she’ll learn to love if she is willing to stick by him. While Shane unwittingly discovers a plot to release a plague on the citizens, he finds himself teaming up with a group of rebels who want to deseat his father and place Shane on the throne. The cast of characters is perfectly rounded, making reading fun and entertaining.

I loved the storyline of this book; however, it is promoted as a YA book, and there are several instances in the story where we get faded to black romance scenes. I am a firm believer that if a book is promoted as YA, it should not contain implied lovemaking. I understand that it is a romance, but YA is a wide range of ages which could include impressionable 12 to18-year-olds. I wouldn’t like my 12-year-old daughter reading the lead-up to a sex scene. Kissing, I’m ok with it. However, there are some parents who allow their children access to that sort of information, and everyone’s opinion is valid. 

If you love retellings of the classics, Pirate adventures and fade to black romance with some heavy necking, you’ll enjoy Lost Legends By Cait Marie. 

Overall, I give The Lost Legends 4.5 stars. I would have given it 5 stars, but since it is marketed as a YA novel, I had to take something away from the intense petting involved. Had she marketed this as a New Adult romance, it would have been 5 stars all the way. 

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