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With how fast I read, I am constantly in search of what to read next. It’s a good thing Piper James releases a book a month so when release day rolls around, to my husband's disdain, I grab my Book Boyfriends do it better sweater and my In search of my next book boyfriend mug filled with the highest caffeine content coffee I have in my pantry and get to reading at midnight. This month’s release, “Breaking Them Up With Brodie,” the final book in the Sweet Pea Flings series, just solidifies my belief that Piper James is the Queen of delivering book boyfriends to die for. 

After Keira’s long-term friend-with-benefit rejects her offer to go to her best friend’s wedding and tells her that he's found someone else she spends weeks pining over him and realizes that she must be in love with him. So when he shows up to her bar with new girlfriend in tow,

she drowns her sorrows in a bottle of liquor and rings in the new year sloppily kissing a stranger.

As it turns out, that stranger was none other than the famous actor, Broderick Bennet, and that one kiss could ruin his chances of landing the gig of a lifetime. He comes up with a plan to pretend to date until he lands the role and goes to hunt the beautiful blond down. Keira agrees on the condition that he would help make Aaron jealous so he would come back to her. As all fake relationships go, they end up falling hard for each other. 

The romantic tension in the first half of the story is so obvious you’ll be screaming at your book as though Keira can hear you, even though if she could she probably wouldn’t listen. Keira is stubborn when she sets her mind to something and despite all the clues pointing to the obvious she just doesn’t realize her “love” for Aaron is a weak attempt at holding on to the familiar, and that Brodie is obviously falling hard for her. Brodie is sweet and says the sweetest things even before he realizes his feelings for her aren’t fake.

When they finally come together it's pure magic. 

A solid 3 chili pepper on my spice scale, you’ll get very detailed scenes but it’s all pretty tame by way of Kink. Since this is a fake relationship, sort of slow-burn story the spice doesn’t come in till about halfway through the book but when it does it’ll blow your socks off. 

Spicy romance readers will fall in love with Breaking Them Up With Brodie and be unable to put it down. Piper James delivers yet another 5-star book with a book boyfriend to die for. A fresh release, Breaking Them Up with Brodie is available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

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