The Invisible Goddess By A.C. Dawn

The Invisible Goddess by A.C. Dawn Book Review

I’ve been unbelievably busy with ARC and Beta reads as of late and decided to take a break and do a pleasure read today. I’ve had The Invisible Goddess by A. C. Dawn on my TBR for a few months begging me to read it, but with the holidays, opening Page a Vu Styles, blogging and working on my book, and kitten fostering, it’s been tough for me to find time to read for the sake of reading. I decided today to take a break from my hectic life and escape in the pages of a book. 

The Invisible Goddess is a mythological retelling of the goddess Hestia and expands the story of why she is a virginal goddess. For those of you familiar with Greek mythology, you’ll know that there aren’t many stories of Hestia, because as

the goddess of the hearth she must remain in Olympus to tend the hearth and home

and one of the few stories mentions that she chose to remain a maiden after Apollo and Poseidon both proposed to her. This story is an expansion of that myth and turns an invisible goddess into one to be desired and recognized. 

Hestia is a fiery force to be reckoned with in this retelling. Having been thrust into the political games of Olympus by the god of shadows, Erebus, Hestia maneuvers the political landmine which is her choice of suitors. Feelings she's never felt before arise when the spotlight lands on her for the first time in her immortal life and Hestia doesn’t know if it’s all a game that Erebus has set into motion. 

Lovers of Greek mythology will fall head over heels for this magnificent 5-star retelling. Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited The Invisible Goddess by A. C. Dawn will have new readers to Greek mythos spiraling into a new obsession. 

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